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Tickets Moscow — Saint-Petersburg — Moscow for the "Grand Express"

Grand Express is the luxury train which shunts between the two Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, It has won a persistent passenger confidence. Tickets are most important for passengers after studying a timetable. There are several convenient ways of booking tickets for the “Grand Express”:

1. Online. Today it is the most modern and popular way to book railway tickets. We provide ample opportunities:

— You can book a ticket online at the official site of the “Grand Express” train. The main convenience is that the web site provides detailed description of all types of cars and contains many photos which helps a passenger choose the most suitable type of his future trip. Experienced managers give adequate answers to any question. Booking tickets at the official web site makes it profitable as You purchase directly from the carrier avoiding agent fees. Create an account with us and You can get first-hand information.

— Online booking at the Russian Railways official web site. You can book a ticket for a seat in a car of the required class promptly using the familiar interface of the Russian Railways. Physical location of a passenger at the moment of booking is not important.

— At web sites of “UFS” Ltd partner dealers of air and railway tickets, such as: TuTu, Ozon, Svyaznoy, Biletix and UFS. Be ready to pay extra fees for booking tickets via these services.

2. Ticket offices – the Leningrad train station in Moscow, the Moscow train station in Saint-Petersburg or any other convenient office. This way is the list popular comparing to the opportunity to book tickets in-home.

Train ticket is the half-way step which makes You anticipate the pleasure of your future trip. Ticket fare is essential because many dealers show incomplete prices in order to attract clients and promote their services. It is most convenient to make a commission-free booking at the official web site of the "Grand Service Express" company.

Tickets from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg: what class are You travelling by?

Ticket fare depends on the type of car of the “Grand Express”. Economy class is the cheapest. Grand Imperial class is the most prestigious and, respectively, the most expensive. More details on our fares on a random date will be given as an example:

— Economy class car fare is 2997 rubles for upper seat and 3747 rubles for lower seat.

— Standard (1st class) car fare is a little bit higher – 5862 rubles per seat, but Business1st class car fare is 6388 rubles.

— Single-seat compartment fare at the Premium Single car is 9516 rubles, and two-seat compartment fare at the Premium car is 11879 rubles.

— Grand Single is a single-seat compartment. The fare is 15035 rubles, two-seat compartment fare at the Grand car is a little higher – 17446 rubles.

— And finally there are two most luxurious cars – Grand de Luxe (23255 rubles per compartment) and Grand Imperial (29064 rubles per compartment).

* Ticket fares are determined by the dynamic pricing system. Basic factors are date of departure, direction, time left to trip date and quantity of seats booked on haul. Thus, booking a ticket beforehand and choosing a cheaper departure date (for example, Saturday) You can save well.

Certainly, the “Grand Express” is not perceived as a common train which transports passengers on a daily basis from point A to point B. It is rather a luxury hotel room where one wants to spend as much time as possible and that everyone wants to visit. As mentioned above ticket fare varies depending on the type of car and the range of services provided to the passenger. It takes up to 5 to 10 minutes to book a ticket from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow online.