Ticket Refund

Ticket refund policies at the "Grand Express"

Refunding a ticket booked through the JSC TC "Grand Service Express"

To refund a ticked booked through the JSC TC "Grand Service Express" (including those booked online at grandexpress.ru) You need to fill out online ticket refund request form on our site.
All fields of a request should be filled in compliance with travel document issued earlier. Request sending time is used for calculation of refund amount.

Refunding electronic ticket for the "Grand Express" train issued on sites of travel agencies

Refunds for tickets issued through a travel agency should be processed through the site of the issuing agency or through the ticket return office of the Russian Railways.

A ticked qualifies for regular refund procedure in the following cases:
  • Online registration has not been passed.
  • Online registration has been passed and there is at least 1 (one) hour left before train departure.

Refunding a ticket issued on blank at a ticket office

Refund of a ticket can be made through a ticket return office or a long-distance office of any railroad terminal in accordance with ticket refund policies.

Amount of refund

  • Cancellation of a ticket more than 8 hours before train departure is eligible for 100% refund of ticket fare excluding service charges.
  • Cancellation of a ticket from 8 to 2 hours before train departure is eligible for 100% ticket and 50 % reservation refund (or 75 % of ticket fare if a ticket was booked through the JSC TC "Grand Service Express").
  • Cancellation of a ticket less than 2 hours before but not more than 12 hours after train departure is eligible for ticket price refund without reservation price (or 50 % of ticket fare if a ticket was booked through the JSC TC "Grand Service Express").

Claim Ticket Refund policy at the "Grand Express" Train

Claim ticket refund procedure applies to the following cases:

  • Missing a train, refund request made within 12 hours from the moment of train departure;
  • Missing a train, refund request made within 5 days from the moment of train departure in case of illness or other legitimate excuse (supporting documentation must be provided);
  • Electronic ticket refund less than one hour before train departure;
  • Refund of a ticket paid for by a bank transfer ("PU" attribute).

In all other cases, tickets are returned to ticket offices following the routine procedure provided by the "Rules of passenger, luggage and cargo traffic, for federal railway transport).

Claim refund order requires the following documents

For individuals:

1. Application from the passenger indicated in a ticket (original);

2. Copy of the passenger's passport (first two-page opening of the passport indicated in a ticket with the passenger's photo on it);

3. Original travel document (if it is not electronic ticket);

4. Original additional document;

5. Documents supporting a legitimate excuse for missing a train

For legal entities:

1. Original application from the company with indication of details necessary to perform a transfer;

2. Original travel document;

3. Original additional document.

Drawing up of an application and its consideration by the committee

Documents can be sent by mail: 129075, Moscow, p/o box 15;

Or by courier or delivered in person at the address: 129075, Moscow, Sheremetievskaia St., house 85, building 1, 5th floor, office 516.

A passenger can claim ticket refund during six months from the moment of train departure.

Claim refund applications are considered by the Commission within one month from the moment of their receipt. Passengers are sent notifications about the decisions made by the Commission to the addresses indicated in their applications.

Refunds are made in the office of the JSC TC "Grand Service Express" in cash (within one year from the moment of train departure) or credited to the account indicated in the refund application (within one month from the date of the decision of the Commission).

Download “Claim refund application form"

Refund Request

Dear passengers! If you need to refund a ticket for the train # 53/54 “Grand Express” booked on site grandexpress.ru or at our office on form LU-10d, please complete the form below (refund request).

Timing of your request will be considered at calculating the amount of refund.

Train No.
Departure date
No. of ticket/order
Car No.
Seat No.
Passenger full name
Series and number of passport
Additional information
*- obligatory for filling-in Protection from automatic filling-in