Maslenitsa Festival

Maslenitsa Festival

Dear Passengers!

We would like to offer you different choice of pancakce from Restogrand - our restaurant car!

1 Pancakes with ricotta cheese mousse(on the photo)  390 rub. 

   (pancakes, ricotta cheese, strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, mint, strawberry, orange zest. 170/35)  

2 Crêpes la Grande pancakes with apples 380 rub. 

   (apples, honey, powdered sugar, pancakes, butter, brandy, mint.100/105)

3 Pancakes with red caviar 780 rub.

   (pancakes, butter, red caviar. 100/30/35)

4 Pancakes with salmon 430 rub.
   (Mild-cured salmon, pancakes, butter, greens. 100/50/35) 

5 Pancakes with topping 300  rub.

   (pancakes and a choice of honey, sour cream, berry topping. 100/90)

The offer is valid from 04.03.2019 to 10.03.2019.