Transportation of animals

Dear passengers,

The conditions for the transportation of animals on the Grand Express train have been updated.

Starting from February 21, 2019 (departure date of the train), when buying out the entire compartment, the passenger has the right to transport the animal for free!

If you have a ticket for a seat in cars No. 7-15 and the compartment is not bought out entirely, the passenger must have consent to travel with the animal from the other passengers of the compartment and pay an animal fee of 500 rubles.


All the passengers of the compartment must agree to travel with an animal. If one of the companions does not agree, the owner of the animal will need to buy out a vacant compartment entierly (if available) or refrain from transportation of the animal. For passengers of the Grand Express train using the free individual transfer service the animal is transported free of charge with the owner (in a carrying bag or having a litter, a leash and a muzzle).

Small dogs, rodents and cats in containers, birds in cages, fish, as well as large muzzled dogs are allowed on the train. Small animals are placed in a compartment with the owner on the ground for hand luggage or their own seats. Transportation of domestic animals (pets), dogs and birds is possible without having to show veterinary documents during boarding.

Dogs of large breeds are allowed to be transported in muzzles, with a leash only in a bought out compartment, without third-party fellow travelers, under the supervision of the owner or accompanying persons. However, the number of people passing in the compartment, taking into account the dog, must not exceed the number of seats in the compartment. The dog is transported in a separate place. When transporting pets, the owner must ensure that the sanitary and hygienic regime in the car.

Animals that may threaten the life and health of passengers or train staff may not be transported. For guaranteed transportation of an animal, we recommend buying out a compartment entirely in advance.

People with special needs are allowed to be accompanied by guide dogs in all types of carriages. Transportation of guide dogs is charge-free. The animal must have a collar and a muzzle and has to stay at the feet of the passenger, which it accompanies.