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Travelling by the “Grand Express” train You can take part in the “Honorary Traveler” program.

It is always pleasant to be a traveler, especially to be an honorary one. Nothing in particular is needed in order to obtain this status on our train. It is enough to fill out the form at your compartment or on our site in order to obtain a personal card. It will be sent to You by mail together with the rules for the "Honorary traveler" program. What advantages does this card give to its owner? It gives right to participate in the bonus accrual program as part of loyal clients appreciation. Bonus points are accrued to your card after each trip. For each trip in a "compartment" class car 50 bonus points are accrued to your card account. In "1st class – business" and "1st class - standard" compartments 100 bonus points are accrued, in "Premium" and "Premium Single" class compartments – 200 bonus points, in "Grand" and "Grand Single" – 300 bonus points, and in "Grand de Luxe" and "Grand Imperial" – 400 bonus points. On Saturdays, bonus point are accrued at double rate! If two passengers travel in one "Grand Imperial", "Grand de Luxe", "Grand" or "Premium" class compartment half-bonus is accrued to each member of the program.

How to use your bonus points? Use your bonus points to book tickets on our site, to pay at the train's restaurant and bar. Bonus points can also be used to take part in special offers. Besides bonus points are accrued and preserved irrespective of changes in the bonus program policy.

Bonus Program Policy

1. Bonus points are accrued to the "Honorary Traveler" card after each trip.

2. You can keep track of your points total on your personal "Honorary Traveler" account page on the company's site.

3. If two passengers travel in one "Premium", "Grand" or "Grand de Luxe" class compartment half of the total bonus amount ("half-bonus") is accrued to each passenger's bonus card.

4. For each trip in a "compartment" class car 50 bonus points are accrued to your card account, in "1st class", "1st class – business" and "1st class - standard" compartments 100 bonus points are accrued, in "Premium" class compartment – 200 bonus points, in "Grand"– 300 bonus points, and in "Grand de Luxe" – 400 bonus points. On Saturdays, bonus points are accrued at double rate. One bonus point is equivalent to one ruble.

5. Bonus system is accumulating.

6. Bonus points can be used for payment at the dining-car, at the bar, for a ticket booked online on our site (delivered only around Moscow) (ATTENTION! According to the Article # 40 of the Tax Code of the RF, the amount paid by bonus points can't exceed 20 % of the invoice) or for payment for other on-board services .

7. You must enter your "Honorary traveler" number indicated on your card and the password in order to sign in to the personal account on the web-site.

8. A program member must notify operator of the "Grand Service Express" in case of loss, damage of a bonus card or changes of passport details.

9. Rules and conditions of the program are subject to change at any time without notice. In this case accumulated bonus points are preserved. A program member is informed about his balance and changes to the rules and conditions of the program.

Form of bonus program participant

Contact information

Date of birth
Series and number of passport
Passport date of issue

Postal address for delivery of card "Honorary Traveller"

Postal index
Mobile number
Home phone number
Office number



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