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Luxury Train in Russia

«GRAND EXPRESS» is the luxury train Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Moscow. The train makes regular voyages from both of the capitals on a daily basis. Our service surpasses the one expected from the typical Russian Railways transportation.

Judging by fares not exceeding those of a regular premium service train, technical equipment, comfort and service quality the «GRAND EXPRESS» resembles more of a railway hotel, where each passenger is provided with a wide range of free services. These services include: hot meal and drinks, individual travel sets, high-speed Wi-Fi internet and digital TV during the whole trip, latest press and many others. All ticket fares except for Economy and 1st class Standard include transfer.

The «GRAND EXPRESS» timetable is also more convenient comparing to other trains' timetables. The night train departs from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg at 23:40 and 23:49 respectively. It goes through without a stop for approximately 9 hours, which enables passengers to have a good rest during the trip. The train arrives with a convenient leeway before the beginning of a working day.

Choose one of the twelve service classes and book a ticket online on site of the «GRAND EXPRESS» train. And You will make a good buy and discover a qualitatively new level of travelling between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow!



The Grand Express train has once again been awarded a certificate of a quality

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